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APRIL 15, 2020 Toronto, Earth

Humanity is continues to be assaulted worldwide by an invisible superbug, so global news can be rather stressful and anxiety ridden lately unless we learn ways to cope with positive ways to maintain balance like meditation, well being, creativity, and stimulating our minds and bodies. Our planet is definitely out of balance, and in the past months it’s become undeniably clear! We as humans are undergoing the greatest period of deterioration, extinction and destruction to our planet in our lives and known history.

There are at least 3 wars being waged in the middle east currently, there is a major global plastics pollution problem, our oceans are being ravaged and used as the dumping grounds for our wasteful lifestyles, global warming is causing the glaciers in the North and South Poles to melt, this is causing the oceans to rise, and thus breaking crucial links in our ecological chain, global temperatures are also rising causing catastrophic bushfires to our vital rainforests and unprecedented chaos in weather patterns worldwide, the avaricious actions of the corporations is destroying our wildlife and forests, and now perhaps the greatest threat society has known before – a superbug they’re calling Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19.

Disease has historically been one of the ways nature balances things out when there is an imbalance. This Covid-19 Coronavirus has been so deadly, in 4 months it’s taken 125 K lives worldwide, and there are +1M cases internationally in all countries as this virus does not discriminate between races, financial status, nor obey borders and they estimate that up to 60% of the planet could get infected. This virus is even being hailed more of a threat than terrorism! In the Western World, very little faith or spiritual belief is left and people do very much as they please and and entitlement reigns supreme. So with so many extremes and pushing the boundaries of nature and our existence, is it any wonder that we are enduring this great wake up call from the planet and our global village ?

We are a most contrary society bursting from technological overdose, where virtue is seen as weakness and vice is highly revered, love is dreadfully feared and aggression and war hailed as the ultimate solution for most conflicts. In this “rollercoaster-ride-out-of-control-lifestyle” we lead, we have forgotten how to be simple human beings in the moment and to appreciate the natural and simple blessings of life. In the end looking at all these extreme factors in decline, we must ask ourselves: Is this really nature’s revenge for our wanton destructive nature, OR is it the by product of our own greed and quest for ultimate power and the result of laboratory experiments…? If we can draw or learn anything from this experience when and if it’s all resolved — may we all remember our humanity. To empower ourselves with our capacity to love our fellow man and Mother Earth — to show them kindness, respect, gratitude, compassion and empathy.

Wishing all our readers a stable, safe haven from which to rise again mightier than ever,
Angel Torres

P.S. Oceans of gratitude to our fearless frontline workers for their commitment and sacrifice to us all !

1,404,359 Currently Infected Patients
1,352,847 (96%) in Mild Condition
51,512 (4%) Serious or Critical

494,562 (79%) Recovered / Discharged
129,186 (21%) Deaths

Angel Torres
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