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Holy social paranoia Batman !

We’ve all heard the news reports lately about social media, privacy breaches, misuse of our data, etc. I admit I go online a lot less lately, I’m less willing to share as much as before, I see multitudes closing their FaceBook and other social media accounts quite frequently. The CEO of FB is under so much public and legal scrutiny for his deceptive business models to gain billions at the hands of his followers, and is actually being asked to step down by the other board members! It’s such a messy entangled web of lies and deception, it takes a lot of knowledge and awareness to navigate this vast ocean and not feel duped by this digital cyber monster! Emojis, selfies, fake news, friending/unfriending, gifs, we’re all guitlty and victims at the same time, we’re also over saturated with so much cyber nonsense, I have to confess feeling so much more at peace and in control when I’m away from my desktop PC and resisting the urge to share to social media on my mobile ! When one thinks about it: it’s really quite an absurd process to share so much of our private lives with complete strangers who care nothing about us, all to feel “socially justified/accepted”, it’s insane really ! Being an independent entrepreneur, one method I’ve been using to deal with it is to focus on my work diligently and just avoid so much negativity online. The price I’ll end up paying is I’ll inadvertently work until 3 or 4 am in the morning again (like many years ago, which ended up drastically affecting my health negatively from stress and just sitting in the same place for such long hours! ).

The WWW and technology have many great benefits: to source information, shopping, business, entertainment, etc. We have to stay self aware to be best able to harness this digital wildebeast, for if we don’t, the continued ongoing ramifications will be dreadful, plus remember that the more information we disclose the more control we surrender, and the more control we give big brother, for it’s through the power of fear that control is maintained by the system — it’s a total paradox and catch 22!

What we really need to do is pull away from the digital machines all together and go to gym/socialize much more, it’s quite a sordid trap and juggling act staying focused and yet balanced. Meditation and yoga go very far too to alleviate a lot of these social ailments. Standing on my head does wonders for me, really ! lol The blood rush from being inverted seems to greatly energize and charge, not only the mind but the body as well as a result too ! Stay healthy — both mentally and physically, friends. Namaste ?

Angel Torres, President 


Angel Torres
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